Pattern: Christine Haynes – Sylvie Dress Hack

Fabric: Vlisco Wax Hallandais 3641 – 100% Cotton

So I finally got the guts to buy a ticket to the Dressmakers Do, a function where like minded dressmakers and seamstresses get together for some good food and drinks and talk passionately about all things sewing in “me made” outfits.

So I was totally freaking out as I wouldn’t know anyone and thought I would try and sew something a little harder than I am used.

Either way I should not have been scared! EVERYONE there was so lovely and had made a couple of cyber buddies going which had agreed to meet me before the Do so I didn’t have to walk in by myself. These two lovelies made my night. They had both started going to these events by themselves and so had so many others there on the night so everyone was instantly accommodating and easy to talk to. With so many dresses to oogle there was no shortage of sewing conversation from the get go.

Anyway! The Sylvie Dress!

Had a couple of hiccups with this dress…but only because of my own stupidity…

This fabric is super easy to sew and I love the structure. The Sylvie usually comes with a gathered skirt version and this is where I hacked it. I changed the full skirt to two pleats either side at the front and a couple of darts at the back for a little bit of shape. I also halved the waist band.

Well the darts were originally pleats at the back as well but when I tried it on I realised that butt pleats were only for the imagination and should not be witnessed in real life…on this dress anyway.

Besides the butt pleats weren’t the only other trouble I had! The second trouble was in the size. I cut out a size 12 without checking the measurements (always check the measurements…ha ha ha…rookie error!) I didn’t even think about it being a US size 12 and not an AU12. I didn’t do a toile either so by the time I found out I had a total size malfunction I had already attached the bodice to the skirt. So it was totally too big and had to cut about 8cms out of each side to make it fit.  I just cut it out of the back before I put the zip in and I think I got away with it. The bodice still fits at the front and I was still totally comfortable wearing it!

All in all it was a great night meeting some awesome ladies and a super awesome dress that I will definitely wear again. I also can’t wait to try this pattern with the gathered skirt in a light weight fabric like a double gauze or a voile. Definitely on my list of makes for summer 😉

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